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the flight of Usha then, from Prajapati, is the large story making from the time of day, the time of indistinct seperation, with the tortured beginnings of the experience of seperateness. Children are said to have it in their infant years, the painful experience of finding oneself not one large continuum, but seperated, from the mother, who becomes an outsider ( and is therefore to be disliked?).. piaget's take on Solipsism

To see a twilight hour, the light suffusing,entwining, creating new colours, before the harshness of a seperate light source, the sun, is experienced.. to see this and over time, to see the seperation of Dawn from the source of all cration, the creators tortured vulgar seeking of her,

gestures express sensation, or its distillate, feeling. vulgar- of the people, human, as different from the controlled, made celestial, removed. the human gesture is always vulgar and beautiful. the celestial is bloodless, air. Purvuras loved merely the air then, a bloodless breeze

nothing runs away in a gif, explains the young Usha to me. she has mechanized the stories for me into a central gesture. Nal keeps leaving the sleeping Damayanti. Usha keeps flying away from Puruvuras. Shakuntala, fondling the deer in her lap, always looks up late, at Duruvasa.

What are the other stories you want me to work on? she asks.

I think I will move from the world of Amar Chitra Katha towards the Kahtasaritsagar.. those cannot be gifd, I am sure, I tell her.

She grins in a challenge.

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