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A letter

in 1902, Dadasaheb remarried at Baroda to Saraswatihttp:[1], daughter of Shankar Vasudeo Karandikar and niece of the proprietor of Kirloskar Natak Company and renowned singer –actor Bhaurao Kolhatkar (alias Bhavdya).

Story by a girl in NID

one night, when I was trying to reset my worried head on the pillow, my comforting angel whispered in my ear, ‘Why are you so dejected? Will I not be able to play Changuna? You can even make inanimate matchsticks dance on the screen. I am a human being, and you can teach me how to play Changuna - But you should play Shriyal, and you should not publicize my name.’

My eldest child was to act the role of Chilaya in the film and that good lady was even prepared to draw the sword on her own son although it was before the camera i.e. in imagination only.

In fact, the success in the task I have undertaken is due to the Goddess of my household who was even prepared to get her face painted for the sake of her husband artistes.

Moreover, she had offered her own ornaments on several critical occasions with the unwavering declaration, ‘Let God give Thee long life and I am satisfied with the mangalsutra only. I do not desire any other ornament.’

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