Story by a girl in NID

From PhalkeFactory

Idea from an episod for the year 1911-1913

Bombay 1911

Engulfed in a pool of darkness floundring, feeling and growing is phalke, a shed within phalke who has lost his sight but not his vision, infact he becomes like the all knowing -- omniscient.

breathing, atleast listening yhe indian visionary lies waiting.

Saraswati prays for him She prayes t0o him. She is the cause of his state she has contained him and she is container.

His ulcered eyes is concealed and the angle of lord(Dr. Prabhaker) comes to him. He4 comes to him and light is unravelled.

Saraswati waits, for she contains within her life - which grows in darkness.

Phalke with his nascent sight reads, and Phalke writes but without a cause

   without a direction 

He stands at a crossroads and has to learn to see again with Babaraaya

Babaraya - See there, Father!

              Something's happening 
              a crowd

Phalke - Let us go and see

              lead me, Babaraya...

A certain croud at sea a certain wating and watching Englands expands naval strenght. It is the calm before the STROM

Phalke sees as he never before. Something Something within him clicks as Christ shines forth a silver coin from a fish's mouth - and like Shakuntala's King he has blinding revelation An enlightment of a consuming nature.

'The life of Christ makes an impact and sows the seeds for "Raja Harischandra"

For phalke now posesses a cubist sight...

The embersare fed the flame within is ablaze devouring him

Pworks furiously Each night the mionight oil burns as Phalke studies and absorbs.

Babaraya - Play with me baba

Saraswati - Listen to me...

                Look me

Relatives - You are wasting your time

             -  why don't you living instead  
             -  you are going mad  
             -  Lunatic Asylum....

Saraswati steps back into the shadows.

There is no income. There is no security. Her chil;dren are hungary. She doesn't recorgonize him, Him whome she has nurtured. She is alone.

Babaraya - Baba doesn't take me for walk anymore

                 Am i not his child still?

Saraswati - Your father is a great man ...

                 he has many children.

Saraswati steps forth from behind the curtains. Ocean lies between them Saraswati his vassel, bring from darkness to light Mandakini, Ganga's avtaar.

Meanwhile in london, 1912

Cabourne - Your knowledge and foresight impress me,

              Mr Phalke i suggest you to meetMr. Hepworth,
              owner of the studio - he will be able to help 
              you with training and equipment.

Phalke - Thank you Mr. Cabourne.. I wish you great

              success with your weekly and i hope to see 
              you soon - but with my film next time.

Diary  : Hepworth has been a great help

              I am finally purchasing a 
              Williamson Camera, a Perforator and 
              Printing machine. 
              I can't wait to get back to india and START !

Bomabay 1912

Babaraya - Now what Baba has come back from

              vilayat, he is always with that new 
              black machine. I can barely tell which 
              is baba and which is machine 
              under the black cloth.
              Even littel Mandakni gets more 
              attention than me.
              I hate them both.

Phalke - The pea plant grows fast. I will teast

              my science through it and if god be willing 
           -  The india nation will watch,
              While an Industery grows 
              as fast as this....
              And so is shot " the growth of a pea plant.
              On the screen.
              It will be there faith,
              and my life that will come alive on the Indian screen."
              And so begin the conception of Raja Harishand
              begin Phalke's struggle.

Phalke put his soul in sculpting of his body. He fashin the sets, the script, the screenplay

and while choosing the cast, starts a new phenomenan.

Phalke - You dont know what

            acting on screen is all 
            It is the mediam for the eyes,
            Beauty is essential.

Senitors - I have acted in many plays,

            why do you reject me?
            I only need beautiful garments 
            with zari, to make me look 
            Why do you reject me?

Phalke answers that no woman who could truly play Taramati is virtue of her background would appear on scren.

Phalke steps down into the alleys of the underworld and, to his disappointment,

In his dejection observes... Paan for kings and commoners Pann to help you see what you desire. Paan to help you what you desire

And phalke knows the Taramati can not be far now. With the image of Taramati in mind Phalke spots her in flesh Cooking as Salunke and Phalke makes his purchase for Rs. 15/- ...

The cast  :

And Phalke begins the shooting "Raja Harishchandra" Saraswati stands back stage, for that is where she belongs - she is the spine.

Saraswati - Stands stii Babaraya

               Let me dress you
               So you look like Rohit....

Babaraya - O! mother

               how I hate this scene
               where i am being sold
               Baba is so strict
               and I always go wrong...

Phalke - Rohit your gesture is too stiff

               live the part you are playing
               Saraswati steps back and watches as Phal;ke
               puts his heart into the dissoling of Taramati

Saraswati - I wonder why a chill passes down

               my spine...

She pulls her sari tightly around herself and goes to prepare for the next shot.