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Through the looking glass

Phalke, 1879 -86, Bombay

"I am not interested in erecting a building, but presenting to myself the foundations of all possible buildings" Wittgenstein no, could (here?) be the meeting of all possible buildings to become another kind of building?

Sir George Birdwood, seeing he 1851 Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace at London, which was about the triumph of European Science, but also became about the traditional decoration practiced by non industrial societies of the east (Partho mitter).. Birdwood in india 'everything is hand wrouhg, and everything down to the cheapest toy or earthern vessel, is thereofre more or les a work of art... embodying a system of decoration founded on perfect rinciples, which they have learned through centuries of practice to apply with unerring truth"

'Birdwoods romantic anti industrial utopia was predicated on the so valled village republics of india. Village craftsmen, living in a harmonious communtiy, produced goods that had not been contaminatied by the Industrial Revolution. :Later, in the 1920's partly under the imapct of Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian elite 'rediscovered' the simple rustic fillage folk. The nationalist pioneer in this was Gurusaday Dutt, a Bengali official in the impreal bureaucracy whose campaigns created an intense interest in the village arts among the urban elite. These included the kantha and other domestic arts produced byu women. Parto Mitter,Indian Art.