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Dhaka: evening violin, New year Night and Victory day Sky

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For he who follows every shade, Carries the memory in his breast, Of each unhappy journey made.

some writings could be relevant in future...

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we are more the creatures of our popular literature than we can ever imagine

joseph conrad seconded by Swami Atpateshvar

The Dubliners - Finnegan's Wake

"ɪʃkʲə bʲahə" -The water of life

The Dubliners - Seven drunken nights



If the speed of light is 1,86,000 mile/sec ? how fast is the shadow ??

Muybridge´s Zoopraxographer

Light Fantastic Part 4 - Muybridge (horse)

Light Fantastic Part 4 - Marey

death results- polluting corpse, and a marginal and malevolent ghost who must be turned into a benign ancestor. jpp


Dom, Mahabrahman priest, inauspicious and impure, and a relatively pure brahman, represent the three

sacrifice - wrenching life from death teh chief mourner builds for it limb by limb life, for the wandering ghost, offerenig rice balls over the next ten days, then this ghost body is dissected and merged with the bodies of the three lineal ascendants truculent aggressively self assertive

--- relative superipority as a matter of relative autonomy mukta- pearl gnosis instinctive understanding of spiritual truths

police officer trying to prevent man from dying- tied between two pots, walking into the river

kashi vaas kashi laabh

'back story' of harishchandra vishvamitra and vashishta squabbling in indra's court- who is the most honest man in the world?

eschatological- branch of theology concerned wiht the end of things- pralay brahman reprobate, morally unprincipled expiatory to do with atonement

Bhairavi yatna- police chief of shiva. kashi and police man religous epiphany- ramakrishna paramhansa- phalke's cinema- darshan