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Memory mechanisms

shipping ice from america to india

Media lab

The first simple optical printers were developed in the 1920's- then how was Phalke doing it? or Melies?


watching the stars

Printing 19th century

Photography 19th century

recording the moving image 19th century

Fictions about technology

Artist Techinicians

Developing the film negative at Baburao Painter's film company



1927 Metropolis special effects

[1] ancient technology vimanika shastra


tableau vivant crisscrossing of theatre and painting. there were tableau vivants in churches, erotic tableau vivants. in photography, there has been a development of an aesthetic of constructedness, scale.. which takes on the term tableau.

crisscrossing terminologies. the terms for stippling in printing come from telegraphy "The most common method of creating screens—amplitude modulation—produces a regular grid of dots that vary in size. The other method of creating screens—frequency modulation—is used in a process also known as stochastic screening. Both modulation methods are named by analogy with the use of the terms in telecommunications." [2]