A sort of legendary organism

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If I paint you a still life(-remember, you are no longer the patron, I am now the one with the money and the 'taste'-) if I do you this favour, you must understand that this canvas can be placed beside any similar 'natural' object, a flower, a shell, a leaf, in competition, not in imitation. A shell, in its accidents, is the phenomenal expression of a design the meaning of which is not accessible to us but which is rigid, logical, co ordinated, formed according to a morphology that trascends our understanding of these terms. In the human scale, my painting must inevitably exhibit the same characteristics- under my own control and use of light, pigment, canvas, form, texture, colour, chroma, value, sense, line, impasto and chiarascuro. These..events are... organised to produce not merely a symbol, a decor, but a.. sort of legendary organism which is to be appreciated and can only be judged in terms of itself. That is all I can really say.

Flann O' Brien

creating the imaginary.. Natya Shastra

and the pro geny

" like many authorities, he would sometimes sooner extemporise, than reveal the limits of his knowledge. When the matter lies outside conventional priestly wisdom, the views he expounds are possibly his own, quite idiosyncratic- which is not to say, ill considered- solutions to questions that have puzzled him also. The anthropologists problem, then, is not a poverty of exegesis, but its profusion, improvisation, and consequent diversity " Jonathan P Parry

intersecting glances calvino

making a city of stories- make it like the skanda purana, in tamil also called the scrap purana- written over hundreds of years, stories added and added and added to it, small ref to skanda purana here, for this http://www.nasikchitpavan.org/history-of-chitpavans.php