Translation Noorani Chashma into English

From PhalkeFactory

Among the huge mountains of the Indian Desert, a crazy fellow is w'o' ndering, looking for something unknown. He has many tools equipments and some life saving goods also. It is the heat of 52 ' f. Maybe he associates this place with some other things.

Our hero Mr.Prakash is very thirsty and his eyes look up and think "On top of a mountain , he might get that which he was searching for. Now one would beleive that our hero has left city life only two months ago, he climbs the mountain like such a monkey, with no hesitation, seemingly without fear of wild animal or desert snake.

" Hooh!I got to this place- let me doublecheck on maps and look up other details that were given to me by Dr. Narayan Shanti. " " Stop, Prakash, this is all stupid, you cannot find any mythical thing, be conscious, and go home..." " no why I should go?! I have spent seven years on this belief. My fathers and great grandfathers beliefs cannot be false. if any real power exists, I will surely get it. "

Slowly Prakash gets sleepy. He might not want to sleep but the atmosphere of the cave gets misty. All of a sudden he throws off all his luggage. He should get out from here.. The echoing sound does not bode well. But almost instantaneoulsy, some smell starts to tempt Prakash- maybe there is a water fall.. suddenly the rowdy sound of a helicopter.. Prakash enters deep into a Prakash is standing before a huge dragon.

" So you reached this place, Prakash? And you want to become powerful by washing your face in this pond?"

" I don't beliveve in you, I don't want to listen to you, dragon.. "

" Your mother who was ill, died. Your girlfriend forgot you, Prakash."

" No, it is not possible, how come you know all this?"

" That is what I wanted to tell you, you have struggled to get this power but this power will disable you from moving around the world."


" Because you will be able to see a person's past present and future and you have to sit with me... Prakash"


"I have burned my self many times .I had jumped many time. I had smashed my eyes many times but was not able to get death. And not able to lose this horrible clairvoyance..

If you want to be as powerful as me, so wash your face... and live... live to see"