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Excerpts of interviews with children from Jean Piaget's A child's conception of the world

Barb: ( 5 years, 6 months) You know what it means to think? When you can't remember something, you think

what do you think with The ears

If you were to stop them up, could you think? _yes.. no...

Rehm( 5 years, 11 months): You know what it means to think of something?- Yes- Think of your house- yes- What do you think with?- With the ears- When you think of your house, you think with the ears- yes

Ceres( 7) What do we think with? I don't know Where do we think? In the head.

Where? In the mouth, inside the head.

Ratt (8 years, 10 months When you think of your house, where is what you think? In the head What is there inside your head? Nothing How can you think of your house then? With the mouth Are there words inside your head? No Is there a voice inside your head? Yes Is the voice and your thinking the same thing? Yes

Kenn(7years, 6 months) What do you think with? Inside my head Is the head empty or full? Full If someone opened your head, would they see when you were thinking? No, because you couldn't see If they could look inside your head without your dying, would they see your thought? You can't hear it when you speak gently What do you think with? The head With what part of the head? The mouth What is there inside your head when you think? Nothing Can you see thought? No Could I hear it? No Could I feel it if I put my finger there? Yes