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One day a prince was on his bed, reading, Suddenly he felt asleep.he was sleeping.Then he had a dream that he was flying with birds eagles spoonbills, He saw the birds very carefully how the tail would move the wing strocks he collected feathers of birds he saw one bird on the nest it was a sparrow, The sparrow flyed he slowly went to the nest he he took the nest. After sometime he fell of his bed he opened his eyes he fell disappointed that it was only a dream, So he got an idea he collected birds feather from his garden he tried to make something out of feather he made a model of a bird.Now he likes birds a lot after 3 years he made something from balsawood after he made it he balanced it with clay he tried to fly it flew he was so happy he danced with joy after 10 more years he thought of something which he could aslo go with it. Guess what he thought of he thought of planes he made wings rudder tails wheels to land and he jointed sticks which connected to the ruder to turn. Now he was big. After 1 month the plane was made he had fans which we have in our room it could only fly with extra air and otuside his garden it was breezy

the Plane was ready to fly he pressed a button the fans turned on the plane moved slimed he turned right after sometime he landed. After cupel of years he thought of making more planes from metal big engine. when he was grown up he became a pilot of a plane which went to london on he went landed into london airport and he earned money and live happily ever Satyajit Mayor, age 9