Sant Mirabai

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Mira fell in love with an idol of Krishna, when she was a little girl, growing up in a royal household in Merta, in Rajasthan. Her mother playfully told her that the idol a bunch of people were carrying outside the windows, was in fact, the image of Mira's husband. Mira pledged her troth to the blue skinned god.

She was married to the Rana of Chittor, but she would not accept that marriage. She sang and yearned for her divine lover, and blind in that love, broke all palace conventions. She made a cobbler saint, Ravidas, her guru, and sang openly in kirtans among common people.

Her angry and heartbroken husband died young. After that there were many palace intrigues, many attempts to kill her. Death became for her, a final union with her elusive lover.She became a saint.