Sadashiv Govind Phalke

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1870-79 - THE FATHER Charting the child’s horoscope at Trymbakeshwar in Nasik district on 30 April 1870 at 8.30 p.m., the father foretells that he will deal in something white...

At this time, the professor of English at Elphinstone College who is studying Vedic astronomy from Phalke’s father invites him to join the college as a Sanskrit teacher. [[1]]

The family, consisting of the child Phalke and his parents, leaves for Bombay.[[2]]

.... Phalke walks from the JJ School to Elphinstone College, where his father teaches Sanskrit.

When he gets there, there is a commotion in his father’s classroom. Phalke’s father is objecting to the presence of a non-Hindu in his Sanskrit class.

Impulsively, he resigns his post and leaves the premises, taking his son with him.

He decides to return to Trymbak and resume his old job of kathavachak.[[3]]

vimanika shastra [4]