Prof. Gujjar

From PhalkeFactory

Principal Gajjar of the Kala Bhavan took a liking to Phalke and gave him permission in 1893 to use the photostudio and laboratory of Kala Bhavan. As a result Dadasaheb started spending days together in this work. Often he worked till late in the night at his laboratory. The work of ‘Sir Phalke’s engraving and Photo Printing’ was of such hight standard that a foreign photographer, Mr. Rehre, alone was capable of holding a candle to him. Foreigners admired the artistry and ingenuity of his photographs and prints. About the same time, the Baroda College decided to stage the Sanskrit play ‘Veni Sanhar’. The responsibility of staging it was assigned to Dadasaheb. He not only acquainted himself with the task of teaching acting to artists, getting them to deliver their pieces effectively, getting their make up done well, but also did the job of prompting. The performance was much appreciated. He had already done a part in the play staged at the social gathering of of Art while studying there.

Excerpted from Bapu Watve’s Dada Saheb Phalke, published by the National Book Trust.