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The whole family misses Mandakini when she goes.

Dada is studying an instruction manual for a German projector, which has continuous movement, no revolving mirrors and no sprockets Neelkanth gets interested, especially in the German letters, and the ‘umlaut’.Appreciating the efforts of a small boy at reading a foreign language, he presents Neelkanth with a book, ‘Hugo’s German in Three Months Without a Master’.

Neelkanth dreams of flying

Look at the story by 9 year old Satyaraj Mayor

also [1] vimanika shastra

Neelkanth: Tries to Play Shoe Eating (Gold Rush).

1929 Neelkanth fails his Matriculation examination. Instead, he climbs up the Government building at midnight and hoists the Indian tricolor.

Prabhakar swims two kilometers, from the first ghat to the last. Here he finds an Englishwoman drowning, and manages to save her.