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Nasik lives on the banks of the Godavari. The river has been tamed, embanked, to make it easier for its children to walk by her, to sit by her. Sadhus with bewildered looking child initiates walk those banks. Pilgrims. The sand is interrupted by a small hawan kund- container of the sacrifical fire- which is a very old one. Small temples. The river has let herself be cut by paved paths on which candy floss is soldand tickets, for the small boats take passengers out into the water, to see the many temples on the banks. From a bird's view, they must look like little pennants along the body of a large tied down Gulliver of a mother.

Newspapers The local newspapers record the graph of Nashik. In 1869 Shri Trimbak Hari Kale founded the weekly 'Nashik Vrutta'. The daily 'Gavkari' has been in the service of the public for more than 58 years. Beside Gavkari, the other daily newspapers are Deshdoot (Marathi/English), Sakal, Lokmat, Uladhal,Sadanand, Bhramar etc. Libraries 15 Libraries is the boon to the book readers of Nashik.One of the oldest 'Sarvajanik Vachanalaya' completed 150 years on 17th March 1991. Theaters Circle, Vikas, Hemalata, Ashok, Mahalakshmi, Chitramandir, Madhukar, Vijayanand, Damodar, Prabhat, Vijay, Mamta, Bitco, Regimental, Anuradha, KINO (HAL Township), Topchi(ArtilleryCentre), Kalidas Kala Mandir, P.S. Sayakhedkar Natya Mandir