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The film traces the personal journey of the protagonist cutting across historical journey through documentary footage as a process of understanding and self realization leading up to spiritual awakening.

Looking at cinema through the medium of cinema, using the footage from old Prabhat films and tracing the birth of cinema and history of Prabhat leading to the Film Institute.

The protagonist is born in a village at the foothill of Rajgad Fort, where Shivaji spent more than 25 years of his life and created the Maratha Swaraj. History becomes a personal memory along with the memory of the village, the village house, grandparents and fields.

The child moves away from the village and acquires memories of another space, mostly urban. Going to school is the first break away from the family and induction into individual living, but still within the protection of the family and the society. The child keep adapting to the mores of family and society as a continual process of growing up and keeps acquiring emotional memories like collection of matchbox labels, construction of family house, the dead cat, father coming home walking on a railway track.

A vital separation comes when the child goes to the boarding school. The child crosses the threshold for the first time where he was stopped as a child. He confronts the world as an individual for the first time and gets an opportunity to realize the true self.

The child visits old Buddhist caves near the boarding school and gets attracted to the jungle where he meets a Nath Sadhu and start living with him until one day the Nath Sadhu disappears in the air.

The young man wakes up from delirium and sees freshly bloomed flowers and starts his journey back. Going through the village ghat and temples he arrives at village home.