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1921 from Phalke stories

Eating off old gold, lodging at Agrechiwadi, paranoid, in tatters, Dadasaheb ties 5 knots in his dhoti, one for each child.

Then he takes the dhoti and burns it to ashes and draws a circle around the children with the ash.

A Marathi journalist, Achyut Balwant Kolhatkar, writes an open letter to Phalke in his paper Sandesh, requesting him to come back and make more films.

Phalke says, at the end of his reply, ‘Dadasaheb Phalke is dead.’

In a scoop in Sandesh, Kolhatkar headlines this letter ‘Dadasaheb Phalke Dead’ and publishes it prominently.

The letter causes a sensation throughout Maharashtra.

Hundreds of his admirers write letters to Phalke requesting him to stage a comeback in cinema.

Phalke leaves for Kolhapur to stage his play.

Baburao Painter screens his ‘Sairandhari’ for Dada.