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1921 in kolhapur History and Heritage

Kolhapur, a south western Indian city in the state of Maharashtra has been mentioned as Karvir in the Hindu mythology. In about the 3rd century BC, Kolhapur was an important Buddhist Centre. There are entries in the old religious texts showing that once upon a time this city was a centre of religion, religious power and trade. It has been also referred to as Dakshin Kashi.

The history of Kolhapur can be divided into three time periods, the Hindu period upto 1347 AD, the Muslim period from 1347 to 1700 AD and the Maratha period from 1700 onwards. During the regime of Saatwahan dynasty this city was very rich. But there is evidence to prove that this city was devastated in the 8th and the 9th century due to earthquakes. In the later years the 'Rashtrakuta' Kings re-established this city. In the 12th century this was the capital of the King Shildatta. During the British regime, Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj became the King of Kolhapur in the year 1894. It was the capital of the former princely state of Kolhapur, which became part of India in 1947. The former state, which extended from the Western Ghats - mountains east to the Deccan plain, was a stronghold of the Hindu people known as the Marathas. Kolhapur had been a princely state during the British rule on India. At the time of independence Kolhapur was merged in India along with most of the other princely states. Kolhapur's palaces are renowned examples of Indo-British architecture and the gardens of the city attract many tourists.

City Information

The city of Kolhapur is situated amidst the Sahyadri mountain range on the banks of river Panchaganga. This city is surrounded from all directions by rivers. To the east flows Krishna Ganiki, to the west Shiva and Mayuri, to the south Veda and Yaksha and to the north Krishna and Warana. It has many small and big temples. It is a historic town and has some beautiful palaces and forts. In 1945, archaeological excavations near a hill in Kolhapur revealed the ruins of an ancient town dating back to the Roman civilisation. Kolhapur is a prosperous town now with many industries. Ichalkaranji is another industrially growing city in the district. It is famous for the cotton industry and is also known as "Manchester" of Maharashtra. Its winters are mild and misty. When the bells ring out from the riverside temples each morning, Kolhapur comes to life and becomes a busy transport hiatus city because it is the link city between Maharashtra and the neighbouring state of Karnataka. The highway bringing farm produce to the cities of the state also touches Kolhapur making it a busy market centre as well as, a city replete with monuments left behind by warriors and saints. Kolhapur is also well known in the world for some products like jaggary, leather goods, jewellery, pheta, agro machinery, engines, etc. This city is rising in fame as an industrial city of the 21st century. Kolhapur is endowed with extremely fertile soil, plenty of water and a hard working labour class. The town has quickly progressed from a predominantly farming town to a major industrial city. The town at present has a per capita income, which is probably one of the highest in the country.


Geographical area: 7,620 sq.kms. Altitude: 977 meters Population: 6,45,657 (1991 Census) Tehsils: 12 Climate The western part of Kolhapur district is hilly and at a height. It is a green city surrounded by farms, climate in this area is therefore cool. The climate becomes hot and dry as one goes towards the east. There are extensive light engineering industries like automobiles in nearby Shiroli, Gokul Shirgaon and Udyamnagar but the environment still seems to be unpolluted. In the modern layouts there is not much of a water problem as yet. Normal Rainfall: 1,932 mm Temperature: 21 degree c - 27 degree c Monsoon: June - September Local Transport The roads in Kolhapur are well maintained. The traffic is steadily increasing because most people use two wheelers to commute. Accidents are fortunately not common. The Municipal corporation runs a bus transport system which is well developed and the buses are well maintained.Taxicabs are not common and auto rickshaws are found everywhere. Entertainment Kolhapur offers many options for entertainment. For the young generation Rankala is like a paradise. There are 15 movie theatres in the city where you can enjoy Marathi, Hindi and English movies. If you wish to watch a stage show you can go to the "Keshavrao Bhosale Theatre" near Shivaji stadium and if you are lucky you may get chance to see "Tamasha" which is a live show.