Judge P Walawalker

From PhalkeFactory

Earlier in 1891 Principal Gajjar had introduced Dadasaheb to the then popular Chief Justice Baburao Pandurang Walawalkar. With the encouragement of Principal Gajjar and under proper and discreet guidance of Justice Walawalkar, Dadasaheb learnt in about six months the techniques of preparing half tone blocks, photo-litho, three colour ceramic photography, etc. He was very fond of learning new arts. As his grasping power was of a very high order, he could become proficient in any skill in a very short time. His idea of learning many trades was to be properly equipped if ever he had to undertake a supplementary source of livelihood. For acquiring the knowledge of new skills and for his businesses he ahd to constantly go on tours. He did not, therefore have a stable family life. He studied classical music at the Maulabux Music School of Baroda and later performed Kirtans too, which combined the arts of music, acting and telling a story interestingly.

Excerpted from Bapu Watve’s Dada Saheb Phalke, published by the National Book Trust.