Jinali H. Shah

From PhalkeFactory



Destination to the World 0f Art On the way back home my critical circumstances came as a blessing in disguise~. Not giving attention to studies gave my parents mind a thought.

My likings towards arts as subject came in forefront, and hence I took up fine arts in JJ school of arts. It was my dream that come true to me. A trip to the JJ world of art was new to me but I fulfilled my dream and secure the seat in it. On the very first day I was very excited to meet with new friends and teachers, but was very nervous about the ragging part. It was my good luck that ragging was stopped. I felt little relaxed and came across new friends, my major turn came across to Prof Iwan, he had special understandings and feelings about their students. Though we have to choose the entire subject in the first year i.e. photography, painting, sculpture etc. But it was paintings that made me come across to meet new people and their life about art. Besides paper paintings art of wall paintings gave me more ideas about painting work. Photography was my second option. But I came across to know about how to use the camera .My passion of paintings did not finish I continued painting and sketching during my free time. My earnings were increasing day-by-day buy selling the paintings. But it was my dream to set up my own art studio .I started savings from my pocket money to set up studio. It was my dream come true to me .I felt like a free bird and could express myself and work on my own and able to set up exhibition.

Thus it was my golden opportunity that art of living came across to me. Greeting a liking for a subject and real talent to the artistic work is a responsible role to play.