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As I put the last coat of paint on theleft wing of my first model plane my eyes began to close. It was already past my bed time but building a plane that actually would fly, had kept me awake. Suddenly I heard the sound of an aeroplane engine start, and stop the next moment. I sat up straight. When I opened my eyes, I as looking straight at the center of a runway. My hand reached for the throttle. The plane shot forward and climbed into the sky I was actually flying my own plane. After I took of, I was talking to the control tower. they were telling me to turn left, head towards North, Climb 14000 Feet. But guess where was I going I was going to London. Now I had come to 14000 Feet I put the seatbelt sign off and put it on auto Pilot. one of the airhostest knocked on my door and said can i come inI told yes and she searved me food. Suddenly there was a lot of clouds ahead I spoke to the control tower they told me to slow down the Plane and leavelto 13000 Feet after the clouds went I again leaveled down to 14000 Feet Finally the control tower told me to 10000 feet When I looked at my watch there was only one min left to land Finally the control tower told me to land and I landed safely to London airport I taxied to my parking and the Parking Bay was B11 As the plane stoped I felt someone tapping me on my solder I looked back and saw my mother standing over me When I looked ahead I saw my model plane Writtne By SATYARAJ MAYOR

age 9