Hiralal Sen

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Hiralal Sen

Date of birth (location) August 1866 Dacca, East Bengal, British India [now Dhaka, Bangladesh] Date of death (details) 29 October 1917 Calcutta, West Bengal, British India [now India].

Professional Details

Filmography as: Director

Director - filmography (1910s) (1900s) (1890s)

Hindu Bathing Festival at Allahabad (1913) Arrival at Howrah (1912) Grand Delhi Coronation Durbar and Royal Visit to Calcutta Including Their Majesties' Arrival at Amphitheatre (1912) Princep's Ghat (1912) Procession (1912) Visit to Bombay and Exhibition (1912)

Tilak Bathing at the Ganges (1906) The Bengal Partition Film (1905) Alibaba and the Forty Thieves (1903) Coronation Ceremony and Durbar (1903) Dances from 'Alibaba' (1903) Dances from Alibara, Moner Mantan, Sonar Swapan (1903) Indian Life and Scenes (1903) Scenes from 'Maner Matan' (1903) Scenes from 'Sonar Swapan' (1903) Scenes from 'Alibaba' (1901) Scenes from 'Bhramar' (1901) Scenes from 'Buddhadev' (1901) Scenes from 'Dol Leela' (1901) Scenes from 'Hariraj' (1901) Scenes from 'Sarala' (1901) Scenes from 'Seetaram' (1901) Scenes from the Plays Vramar, Alibaba, Hariraj, Dole Laila, Budda, Sitaram (1901)

Moving Pictures of Natural Scenes and Religious Rituals (1899) Dancing Scenes from 'The Flower of Persia' (1898) (co-director)