Godavari River

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'''Godavari (gōdä`vərē),''' Godavari river, c.900 mi (1,450 km) long, rising in the Western Ghats in Maharashtra state, W central India, and flowing SE across the Deccan Plateau to the Bay of Bengal. The Manjra and Indravati rivers are its chief tributaries. Below Rajahmundry Rajahmundry (rä`jəməndrē), city (1991 pop. 401,397), Andhra Pradesh state, E central India, in the Godavari River delta. It is a center of the tobacco industry and headquarters of the Godavari irrigation works. ..... Click the link for more information. , c.50 mi (80 km) from the coast, the river divides into two streams that form a large delta. The delta, site of some of the earliest European settlements in India, has an extensive navigable irrigation-canal system, linking the region to the Krishna River delta to the southwest. A dam NW of Rajahmundry provides water for irrigation and generates hydroelectricity. The Godavari River is sacred to Hindus and has several pilgrimage centers on its banks.

M the river flows somewhere close by where she sits opposite me and talks, we drink it is a quarter bar, the kind of place i have almost never come to, being a posh kind of fellow myself, moved from a traditonal home and eating in brahminical restaurants, to college coffee shops, a small detour to hostel rooms that i recobered from frightened at what i saw of myself.. and kept to psh places after was a bit much to come here then, but well, there is someThing, needs work, but something is there in her writing, and if she wanted to meet me here, so be it. i figured it had to do with money we lauged a lot that evening and spoke of funnythings. she is older, like someone from my childhood( i have grown up surrounded by sisters, so i like to draw them) She says in a pause between our laugh talks- be affluent of heart and i think, gosh! she is smart and wise i decide to-sit with her again, wherever, sometime, a coffee shop if i can have my way, if not, here.

the river is a sound, and if we step out of this small shed and walk a bit, she is beautiful, lying before us in the night. a bi too cemented, her banks, held down, like strands of a girl plait, neatened up, still beautiful. there are sadhus hanging around still, and i look at them a bit curiously. the road lights reflect on the water. in the distance is a long flight of steps leading to a door- long thin stone steps, like some old painting or stage backdrop.