Feeding the timeline

From PhalkeFactory

"do you really want to keep this animal, Gauhar, he will ask for food all the time. You will have to prepare it. You know what it is like to prepare food? The same, same kind of meal, abbreviated, shorn of extra feathers, sliced into fragments and copied out into this plate. Do not feed it and this tortoise will become stone. Feed it and it might not talk to you, not even look at you. Is this the best pet to keep?"

Gauhar scratched the floor with her toe, listening and not listening. She knew she hated cooking, abhorred peeling, abhorred nutrition.

"This will not become a beloved disco tortoise over night" the voice that knew her well, continued. "It will take time before it begins to give you pleasure, to laugh and make you laugh with its antics. It will happen, it will lose its earthly hidebound form and take you on a ride, but you have to be patient. you have to feed it"