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With a detailed line that combines an international flair with an American comics sensibility and 10 years experience as a comics professional, Dheeraj Verma is already a star creator in his home country of India and will soon be a rising star with his work in the U.S. set to debut in 2004.

"I started my career in comics in 1993 in India," says Dheeraj, "In 1994 I joined India's number one comics publisher as a penciller and never looked back. I did at least 150 comics during my tenure there, and over 250 covers. I also introduced digital coloring to India in 1996."

Having established himself as the top penciller in India, Dheeraj began to broaden his artistic horizons. "In June 2000 I joined India's leading game company as a Sr. Visualizer and learned a lot there," he explains. "But I decided my goal was to work in comics on an international level, and now I am making those dreams come true."

Dheeja's debut work from Avatar is scheduled for May 2004 with Joe R. Lansdale's By Bizarre Hands.

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