Bhakta Sudama

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Sudama was a good brahman, he did not aspire to more than the learning, the teaching and the begging he was supposed to do. His wife and children suffered a life of penury therefore.

That day, there was nothing to eat in the house, finally moved by his wife's entreaties on behalf of the children, Sudama went to Dwarka, to seek out his childhood friend Krishna. But how could he go empty handed? And so, he took the last remaining bits of poha- puffed rice- in the house. He remembered Krishna had loved poha as a child.

the brahman in tattered clothes walked through grandeur called Dwarka to the palace of its king. Krishna rushed out to see him, and Sudama saw the eyes that he remembered, reflecting an aged Sudama. And Krishna saw in the familiar softness of his friend's eyes, himself, dressed oddly, looking like a made up king.

They simplified the moment for each other, they were happy for each other's company . Krishna saw the clutched pouch that Sudama's fingers pushing into the dusty shoulder cloth he was wearing. Krishna pulled at Sudama's hand and exclaimed "Bhabhi has sent poha for me!!" Rukmini had to finally stop Krishna, 'won't you leave a small mouthful for me?'

Krishna washed his friend's tired feet, and some say, drank that water.

The Sudama with a full and happy heart, who left, let go of the Sudama who had wanted to ask for his children. But as he neared his home, he remembered not being able to feed his children. He walked upto his home.

And saw the miracle of a palace. Rukmini, who was an incarnation of Laxmi..had known what the family needed, she had provided, and handsomely, for them. Sudama's children came rushing out to meet him, their eyes shining with awe at their own clothes. Sudama continued to live a simple life, his wife and children lived in much greater comfort.