And the pro geny

From PhalkeFactory

and you have pro geny, younger people you have spent hours with and shared pieces of things you learned, and looked into their eyes and watched them listen and watched them talk and spoken when those pupils moved back as if to ask you to speak at that precise juncture

You knew they'd imitate.. the beginning imitations will be the early drafts, noisy, all over the place, with a almost unhear- able thin thread of beauty most times but for the rest the heavy opinion, the wanting to make statements, the pose, in the language and the image. let there be noise? you will recognize something of yourself in both- the beauty and the pose.. it must happen? that is the process? these fragments of yourself, pieces merely, floating about.. what will come of that? 'i have only some of the parent tree and so i must make noise to be heard.'

through the first draft of the excess, the overdone image, the overstated opinion, if you can trust that because it is your progeny- no, because they are human, something beautiful you helped to tap at will persist and grow in the manure of that excess into an art i ficial beauty

one day many failed Facebook and other trials away, an art that will shatter- your glasses and crack some tables .. and make you laugh with a real pleasure