An Allegory

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An Allegory An Allegory

ek lakkadhara tha. woh jab sota tha tab uske dadhi ke bal badhte aur sare sheher mein

phailkar andhera kar dete. Tab us sheher mein raat hoti. Uthkar jab uski preyasi apne bal

sawarti tab us sheher mein subah ho jati.

raat mein bacche us sheher ke sapne likhte. lekin ek pankti likhte hi dout ki sari syahi

khatm ho jati kyon ki raat sari syahi kha kar aur bhi kali ho jati. tab lakkadhare ne do

lakdi ki dibiya banayi. ek mein usne andhera bhar diya. dusri band rakh di, to us mein

andhera ghus nahi paya. woh ujali hi reh gayi.

ab andheri dibiya mein kalam dubokar, bacche aur sheher ke sapne dono badhne lage. jab yeh

baat raja ko pata cha gayi tab usne andheri dibiya par apna kabja kar liya. praja ke sapne

raja ke liye bahut hanikarak sabit ho sakte the.

lakkadhare ne tab ujali dibiya khol di. lekin ujale se likhe gaye sapne sab dekh sakte the.

ab sara sheher ek hi sapna dekhne laga. raja ke bhi sapne ab sab dekh sakte the. tab kya koi

ashcharya hai ki raja ka rajya khatm kyon hua? logon to bas nadiya kinare balon ki ek gutthi

jo pani mein tair kar ayi thi, padi hui najar ayi.

Translation of an Allegory

There was once a wood cutter, whose beard grew when he slept and covered the entire town

with darkness. that's how there would be night in the town. when his wife woke up and tied

her hair with the sweep of a hand, there would be light in the village.

In the darkness, children would write the dreams of this town. but they were only one lined

dreams, as the darkness would eat up all the ink as soon as one line was written, to become

even darker.

then the woodcutter made two wooden boxes. In one box he filled up all the darkness. The

other didnt have a door so it couldnt be opened; the darkness could not enter this box and

hence it remained lit.

dipping their pens in the dark box, the children and the dreams of the town began to grow.

when the king heard of this box, he wanted to control a box, which made the dreams of his


So the woodcutter opened the lit box for the children. but now everyone could see the dreams

written with light. the entire town dreamed the same dream. the king's dream could also be

seen by his subjects. for the people who kept asking, is it any surprise then, that the king

lost all his power?

All they could see was some entangled bunch of hair, which had come floating in the river

and was lying on its banks.