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File:1 January 1910.pdf - Kitchen Incandescent Oil Light.

File:1 November 1917.pdf - World-Famed "Boa" Horns.

File:1 September 1933.pdf - General Motors India Limited.

File:2 December 1889.pdf - Cadbury's Cocoa.

File:2 January 1911.pdf - F.B.Stewart & Son,Poona.

File:2 July 1924.pdf - The Small Car For India.

File:2 July 1930.pdf - Imperial Airways.

File:3 December 1918.pdf - A.V.Roe & Co.Ltd.

File:6 August 1904.pdf - The Washington Compressed Kerosin Oil.

File:6 May 1916.pdf - The French Motor Car & Electric Co. Ltd

File:7 January 1904.pdf - "Werner" Motor Cycles

File:7 June 1930.pdf - Morris Minor French Motor Car Co.Ltd.

File:8 January 1894.pdf - Ericsson's Telephones.

File:10 May 1929.pdf - Kissproof Cold Cream & Vanishing Cream.

File:11 July 1924.pdf - Western Electric Telephones.

File:11 May 1916.pdf - Ford Automobiles.

File:11 October 1940.pdf - India Defence Loans.

File:12 July 1907.pdf - Jost's Fans Supply & Engineering Co. Ltd.

File:12 March 1925.pdf - From The Times Archives.

File:13 January 1909.pdf - Mellins Food.

File:13 June 1918.pdf - Rolls Royce, Ltd.

File:13 May 1859.pdf - Shahanpoor Christian Industrial Institute.

File:15 December 1955.pdf - Advertisement Of Ball.

File:15 July 1916.pdf - Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co, Ltd.

File:16 January 1894.pdf - Bolton & Company Ltd.

File:16 September 1854.pdf - Patent Indian Camp Lamps.

File:17 January 1940.pdf - Chanson Triste.

File:18 February 1882.pdf - "Devon" Tricycle.

File:18 June 1851.pdf - Clark's Patent Diamond Lamps For India And Colonies.

File:18 September 1839.pdf - Turner Morrison & Co, Ltd.

File:18 September 1886.pdf - Offord & Sons Speciities.

File:20 August 1945.pdf - The Millowner's Association, Bombay.

File:20 January 1903.pdf - W.Leslie & Co; Culcutta.

File:20 July 1904.pdf - Simpson & Company, Madras.

File:21 December 1905.pdf - Nestle's Milo Malted Food.

File:22 June 1935.pdf - Bombay Telephone Co,Ltd.

File:24 January 1890.pdf - Dunnett & Compay, Bombay.

File:24 January 1894.pdf - Cadbury's Cocoa.

File:24 July 1911.pdf - The Bombay Motor Cars Co,Ltd.

File:27 June 1967.pdf - Raghuvanshi Mills Ltd.

File:28 February 1846.pdf - For Sale,At R Frith & Co's

File:29 January 1898.pdf - Wulfurna Cycle Works.

File:30 August 1904.pdf - The "Watch" Service.

File:30 JUne 1908.pdf - Hinks Lamps & Lanterns.

File:1911.pdf - The P.& O Mail Line.

File:1912.pdf - Hill, Sawyer & Co; Churchgate St,Bombay.

File:1913.pdf - Ford Motor Company Of India, Limited.