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10th september 1932

Rangabhoomi issue

Advertisement for 'swadeshi' directory, which would list where which swadeshi good was available.

Saigal starts his career in New Theatre Calcutta with

Mohabbat ke Aansoo

Subah ka Sitara

Zinda Laash

Maya Machindra V. Shantaram Prabhat Studios Durga Khote plays the queen of a kingdom of man hating women

Ayodhyache Raja, first ever Marathi talkie. Prabhat Studios. Durga Khote plays Taramati runaway hit

Patience Cooper in Bilwamangal and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Sulochana in the 1932 remake of Madhuri. emerges glistening from behind a waterfall. Rangabhoomi Annual Issue, describes her, in an article by V. S. Nigam, B.A., with her soft delicate limbs and sculpted body "shaped as if by the hand of brahma at a particularly auspicious moment"(cinema Queen Miss Sulochana)

other articcles

Siren Sulochana Varieiteies Weekly