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Mahatama Gandhi first television interview,30th april.[1] from Youtube

Filmindia Puja Issue

Sulochana writes and essay on Love

but "not.. the elemental, self conscious love between man and woman"

rather the

"the love of close kinship...the idyllic, unselfish love of friendship and understanding"

Two articles in another issue of the same magazine

"Should Respectable Women Join th Films"? and th rejoinder "Why Shouldn't Respectable Women Join the Films"?

First by an annonymous 'Lady Artiste' "first learn to give the respectable ladies their due honour"

Second by Sabita Devi (Irene Gasper) "as artistes we are not concerned with the private life of an individual.. rather we are concerned ith the attitude and behavious of that person during working hours"

Indian studio bosses are "thorough gentlemen"

K.T. Dalvi,"Propreitor, International Pictures Corporation", writes a manual on entering the industry. He praises Hollywood, where actors rise up from the ranks, and are trained in schools, whereas in India, being part of the elite, or being related to the film's producer, gets them the heroes role,

Durga Khote debuts in Farebi Jaal, an 'obscure silent film'( wikipedia)

Alam Ara, first Talkie, made by Sulochana's home company, Imperial, but Zubeida is chosen over Sulochana for her command over the language

Sulochana took a year off and came back with hit talkie version of Madhuri, Anarkali and Indira M.A. (now) famous for her screen kisses with her lover on and off screen, D Billimoria