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First radio programme, broadcast privately with a 40w transmitter, by the Madras Presidency Club Radio. The station ran for three years. Dhiren Ganguly exhibits Nanubhai Desai and B.P.Mishra's Razia Begum in Hyderabad; the story of a Muslim princess falling in love with a Hindu leads to Ganguly's expulsion by the Nizam the the closure of his Lotus Film Company. Nanubhai Desai and others start Saraswati Film. Kamala Movietone is started in Lahore. India's first periodical is exclusively devoted to cinema. Mouj Mahaj(Gujarati) is launched in Bombay by J.K. Dwivedi. Hemedrakumar Roy and Premkumar Atorthy start Nachghar, a weekly Bengali theatre and performing arts journal also publishing essays on film.

A cigarette pedlar girl 1924.jpg

Poster by the Constructivist artist Issac Rabitchev for the film A Cigarette Pedlar Girl from Mosselprom, 1924 Directed by Yuri Zhelyabuzbsky

Master Vithal, later to be dubbed India's Douglas Fairbanks, debuts in Kalyan Khajina, directed by Baburao Painter

Together, Sinhagad and Kalyan Khajina won a medal at the Wembley Exhibition, London. One newspaper, Daily Express, described the films as ``full of strangely wistful beauty, and acted with extraordinary grace.``

See Master Vithal's Profile in Rangabhoomi, 1933, an excerpt

Gul- e- Bakavali with Zubeida who works often with Kohinoor and Laxmi Studios