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the Chauri Chaura episode ( 4 February) : a group of Congress and Khilafat protestors attack a police station and kill 22 policemen, causing Gandhi to call off the non- co- operation movement. The artist Nandlal Bose, late Satyajit Ray's teacher, takes over the Kala Bhavan at Shantiniketan. Hemendraprasad Ghosh starts the Bengali literary monthly Masik Basumati ( later the fortnightly Basumati) for the Basumati literary house, publishing literary fiction and theatre, book and film reviews; it also publishes essays on film by Hemedrakumar Roy and Atorthy's seminal writings on silent Bengali cinema. Mama Warerkar writes the play Satteche Gulam.

Entertainment tax on film exhibition is levied in Calcutta. Sisir Bhaduri, supported by a group of lawyers, starts the short lived Taj Mahal Film Company to adapt well known literary works to film. The trend is later to be continued by other studios in Bengal. Rewashankar Pancholi starts Empire Film Distributors in Karachi and Lahore, importing American films.

the trial of mahatma gandhi on charges of conspiracy

Sairandhari by Baburao Painter releases in Pune. The fight scene between Bheema and Keechak, with no special effects, is so energetic and affective, that it pushes the British to make the first censor laws

Patience Cooper in Laila Majnu and Princess Budur

The princess-actress, Zubeida, from a nawab family, with a mother in film production, star sisters, in Veer Abhimanyu