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The Government of India Act 1919 aka the Montagu Chelmsford reforms, transfers selected areas of administration to Indian control. the Anarchichal and Revolutionary Crimes Act, aka the Rowlatt Act.

the dominant primitivist emphasis on tradition, becomes a major influence on contemporary Indians, especially Bengali art. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande publsihes Hindustan Sangeet Paddhati, making classical music compostions available to the public in the form of a textbook. Gandhi visits Gorakhpur campaigning for the non co operation movement. According to Shahid Amin, ( 1984), the occasion marked the launch of the Messainic 'Mahatama' image. Novelist Premchand surrenders his government post to contribute pamphlets in support of the movement.

Kohinoor's Bhakta Vidur, banned in Madras and Sind, becomes Indian Cinema's first censorship controversy. Dhiren Ganguly's ani-western satire, Bilet Pherat, produced by the Indo-British FIlm Co. ( Est: 1918). R.S.Prakash starts the Star of the East film company in Madras.

Wrestling and Athlectic Tournaments Poona, 1919

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Photographic evidence of Indian rope trick in American magazine- The Strand Magazine

Baburao Painter forms Maharashtra Film Company with the financial backing of Tanibai Kagolkar. Gulab Bai and Anusuya Bai (screen names Kamaladevi and Sushiladevi ) join the Company.

Gauhar Jaan hears and commends a five year old's singing in the Mission School in Faizabad. "given the right training you can be a Mallika e ghazal" the little girl grows up to be Begum Akhtar

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