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World War 1 starts. Indian soldeirs fight with British forces at Kut-ul-Amara in Turkey and in Mesopotamia. Gandhi's agreement with General Smuts in South Africa on immigration and taxation laws for Indians is the first political success of his Satyagraha. The Komagata Maru sails from Hong Kong to Vancouver carrying 376 passengers including several Sikh Gadar activists, and is refused entry by Candaian authorities. The MacMahon line fixes the border between India and China, leading to disputes erupting in the 1962 war.

Phalke shows his first three features, Raja Harishchandra, Mohini Bhasmasur and Satyavan Savitri , in London. R. Venkaiah and R. S. Prakash build Madras' first permanant cinema, the Gaiety.

[1] the shape of things to come. h.g. wells on world war 1

[2] indian army during the world war