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1 reel short- How films are Prepared? by Phalke. A study film on the making of Harishchandra. on film making in general

The scene of the forest, the fire, the river, the hangman’s house, the hen pecking around - all these are unrivalled.. letter in Kesari after seeing Harishchandra

Kesari: Generally, what are the dimensions of each picture?

Phalke: It is one inch long and three-quarters of an inch wide, about the size of a thumb.

The film ‘Harischandra’ is 3,700 feet long.

That means it contains about 40,000 different pictures.

The first telephone service in India begins in Simla; the first carrier system is between Delhi and Agra in 1930. The militant Ghadar Movement, calling for the violent overthrow of the British rule, is started by US-based Indians in San Francisco. Pherozeshah Mehta starts the Bombay Chronicle. Jaladhar Sen and Amulyacharan VIdyabhushan start the popular Bengali literary monthly Bharatbhasha;early essays on film include Pramathanath Bhattacharya's 'Bioscope' in the inaugral issue and Narendra Dev's 'Chhayay Mayay Bichitra Rahasya' on film making techniques, later published as a book in 1934; the monthly also publishes Saradindu Bandopadhyaya's screenplay of Kalidasa. Rabindranath Tagore receives Nobel Prize for literature. Bal Gandharva starts the Gandharva Natak Mandali, the most famous of the Sangeet Natak repetoiries. The Parsee theatre group, Khatau-Alfred, performs Narayan Prasad Betaab's 'Mahabharata' play.

Phalke's Raja Harishchandra opens on the 21st of April to a select audience, on 3 May, it opens commercially in Bombay's Coronation Cinematograph.

" he who steals an egg, will carry off an ox" Neelkanth over hears actors talking?

Photodynamism, a manifesto- already a dis satisfaction with the limted apparatus of cinema that seeks to capture movement and reproduce it through an illusion.. http://www.italianfuturism.org/manifestos/futuristphotomanifesto/