What is the shape of the monster?

From PhalkeFactory

in the year 1888, when Gandhi left for LOndon, and Aurobindo was there studying, and jack the ripper was murdering, and Nicholas Tesla was figuring Electricity, and VanGogh was painting at Arles, the year when all over the world there was fear that the apocalypse was about to happen, then in that year, D.G.Phalke was in Baroda learning photography and art and magic--

and because d g was studying magic and understanding the magic of photography and art maybe, gandhi left for london where aurobindo was studying.. that would be photorealism. jack the ripper was murdering that was the magic lantern, as was nicolas tesla and electricit (no, that was a spectacular magic show).. van gogh, well, was a painting himself.. and all of these forms were making themselves, because phalke was studying. so study, children! lose yourselves in books.