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heres the image of Kiran Subbiah's sculpture that I was referring to,

and an exerpt from Shankar Natarajan's writing on him

The work consists of certain often-used motifs in art and culture; a loud speaker and a bunch of arrows stuck into it and the words H.D.V (his dog's voice) printed on its surface. By a clever combination the work is set on a journey traversing time and genre referring allegorically to instances of class difference in history and myth, in particular to a story of caste politics from the Mahabharatha, the Eklavaya story. The contraption's movement however is circular-when wound by the viewer it rotates a few times and stops. . Placed in the gallery this movement is perpetual as interacting viewers come and go winding the device repeatedly. At these moments it seems to evoke the Indian epic, and the world itself, where great men rise and fall and life, transient and ephemeral moves on in circular time and events recur to eternity. And the nostalgia induced by that quintessential image of faithfulness- the H.M.V logo of the faithful dog peering into the loudspeaker in black silhouette becomes, through an inversion a palimpsest on which a less innocent meaning now becomes inscribed.