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dear amol, you are imagining details of the story that kamal has written in phalke stories, adding the character of the waiting magician, imagining the trick in detail.. but you can go further. you could think up something else-. i know it is not easy, especially when one has read one good trick, i cannot think of something too easily. but let us imagine we are actually in competition with these other magicians, and we have to think of one supe trick that can scare and thrill the audience like never before.. i promise, i shall also think.. it could be a fun exercise. i put in a link to 'magic lantern' next to your story. also look up anandrao patwardhan, illusionist, in the section on characters. look up magic lantern in the section on 'technologies' also. and look up in google, illusionists, magicians of the 19th century especially- as inspiration, as a resource for ideas, and then, let your imagination fly. i loved your funky 'magic' video- that we saw at rachna sansad, let your story also fly like that..

also, if you want to, remember- what part of phalke's life this is. he has seen death recently, of his wife and child, in a horrible plague. he is trying to run away from that- how does magic pull him in. does if comfort him, does it help him face things? does it remind him of horrible things? think of what we do when we run away from things- how those activities help us. now compare this-

think more about the waiting magician- do you want him to meet phalke at some point?meet niepce at some point. this is YOUR story, make the characters do what you want.

looking forward to seeing another draft soon, amol, where your imagination FLIES and creates magic. affly hansa

and a VERy big thanks for helping almost everyone to get online in class. do tell nikhil to put up his essay too! what shall we treat as a deadline for your next draft? a week from now? 16th, i shall contact you again!

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