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  • ...the indomitable courage, supreme self-sacrifice and far-sighted vision on of a remarkable man. That man was [[Dhundiraj Govind Phalke.]] ...of tents cropped up in major cities and due to the fast-growing popularity of moving pictures, the tents were soon replaced by regular, permanent [[cinem
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  • and drawing the life of [[Dadasaheb Phalke (1870-1944)]], the [[father of the Indian film industry]], his time traced and re-constructed from relics, My first job was with Children film society of India, teaching village children how to make films. In 1975 I joined I.S.R.
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  • A father adding to the thirty crore population of India? A servant of India who has not paid his dues to his motherland?
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  • ...of The Sanskrit Commission appointed by the Government of India, in terms of their Resolution No. F. 34-1/56-A-1, dated the 1st October, 1956 [http://ww 21. [[Bhaurao Kolhatkar]]- Saraswatibai’s uncle, famous actor and owner of the kirloskar music company
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  • ...eir support and his "factory" though not entirely closed, was on the verge of tottering. raise funds for his feature film projects or primarily for the filming of the shorts themselves is not known.
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  • ...dia and starts Swarnmala, a Marathi monthly printed in the 3-color process of Gutenberg.44Friday, June 28, ...e is phalke.he seeks through medium of the press, to rouse India to asense of its fallen condition and inspiere .
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