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'''''[[Workshop on Raja Ravi Varma and Phalke, Mumbai]]''''' '''''[[Workshop on Raja Ravi Varma and Phalke, Mumbai]]'''''
 +'''''[[Presentation at Mami]]'''''

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FTII Workshop - May 2009 ( Direction )

FTII workshop January 2010

Biography -- Phalke Films -- Indian Film History -- Space and Time -- Imagination -- Vision -- Photographs -- Workshops--Characters---Technologies---Timeline---Audios and visuals---Reading Library---The Phalke Text---Writer's Assist (formulae) ---Film Frames ---Talents ---Prototypes ---Processes ---Mythologies------Music


The multi-million rupee Indian Film Industry was born through the indomitable courage, supreme self-sacrifice and far-sighted vision on of a remarkable man. That man was Dhundiraj Govind Phalke...



PHALKE STORIES--by Kamal Swaroop --- ( Hindi / English)

NASHIK STORIES- (Photographs and Stories written during Nashik workshop)

BOMBAY STORIES- (Photographs and Stories written during BOMBAY workshop)

BARODA STORIES ( Photographs and Stories written during Baroda workshop)

KOHLAPUR STORIES- (Photographs and Stories written during Kolahpur workshop)

PUNE STORIES- (Photographs and Stories written during Pune workshop)






Nearly nine decades ago, in a small town about one hundred kilometres from Pune, a devout young man, brought up in a traditional orthodox Hindu household, got interested in the Arts and Photography, threw away his family profession of priesthood, sold his wife's ornaments, pledged his life insurance policies and made history by producing what has been commonly acknowledged as the first Indian film. The man - DUNDIRAJ GOVIND PHALKE,...


A proposal for a graphic narrative tracing and representing the assimilation and developments in industrial arts and crafts that led to the film entertainment industry by tracing and drawing the life of Dadasaheb Phalke (1870-1944), the father of the Indian film industry, his time traced and re-constructed from relics, remembrances through ages and industrially brought together through collective imagination and various skills...

PHALKE-An Internet introduction--by Sabu Francis

A sort of legendary organism

First workshop has been completed on 8th June in Nashik

Second workshop has been completed on 22nd June in Mumbai

Third workshop has been completed on 19th August in Baroda

Fourth workshop has been completed on 13th september in Kolahpur

Fifth workshop has been completed on 30th september in Pune

Sixth workshop starts on 4th December at IIT Mumbai

Workshop with film students in Mumbai goregaon

Workshop on Raja Ravi Varma and Phalke, Mumbai

Presentation at Mami

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