Kamalabai - her daughter—1912 - 1944

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First women on screen. Durgabai and her daughter Kamalabai Gokhale were the first women persuaded to come before the camera and act in Phalke's second film 'Mohini Bhasmasur' in 1913.

“My second picture was “Bhasamasur Mohini” writes Phalke in his autobiography, “in which the roles of “Mohini” and “Parvati” were played by two women – Durga and Kamala – who were mother and daughter in real life. In my third film, I utilised the services of four women. kamala bai remembers mohini bhasmasur images from kamal swaroops documentary Phalke's Children

[1] from phalke's journey

[2] her son's memoirs are being released

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