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a letter to v.shantaram Look up Dr. V Shantaram for the reply

Who am I? A father adding to the thirty crore population of India? My wife’s husband? A servant of India who has not paid his dues to his motherland? A victim to the desires of moneylenders? A man bereft of worldly wisdom, obsessed by only one aim, and thus ruining his family life?

Who am I, then?

(Thinks for a while)

Or perhaps it is true that I don’t know this concept of ‘I’, I don’t claim anything to be mine. I am beyond the perception of happiness and suffering. So, enough of this prolixity.

O my fellow beings! O learned men! O appreciative men who know all the arts! O pioneers of this new era of reforms! Your

appreciation of my works has not decreased inspite of the stories of my misfortune. It is only through your grace that I have been able to establish this beautiful art of the motion pictures for the entertainment of the people. Kindly appreciate the analysis of this art.

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