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        Writer's Assist (formulae)

Photographs from Bombay

journeys must be made on land

The writers from Bombay


Story by a girl in NID

Image:Chagall_1.jpg Story about Raja Ravi Varma by Alka, SRFTII

Sir Raja Project with Nikhil Chopra

Amyn Jetha

Email :

Makarand Ranavode


Amrita Rege from 'as with shadows' by sulekha nair. about phalke's pea plant experiment [1] Email :

Amrusha Dalvi[2]

Email :

Praveen Mistry

Email :

Amol Mendadkar[3][4] look up'Magicians'Magic [5] 'great raymond' magician humorist, fantasist, in phalke's journey Email :

Divya Agarwal[6][7] [8] [9]'great raymond' magician humorist, fantasist, in phalke's journey Email :

Saurin Vast

Email :

Mirali Shah[10]

Email :

Aditi Nanavati [11]in phalke's journey

Email :

Hina R. Khan U.R Athavale

Email :

Jinali H. Shah

Email :

Sejal D. Dani[12] overalp with 1912 in phalke's journey

Email :

Priyam Mehta

Email :

Sumeet Thakur

Email :

Ashmeet Rajpal

Email :

Rahul Gupta

Email :

Girgaum and a story we did not know before [13] Hirabai Pednekar

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