A sort of legendary organism

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If I paint you a still life(-remember, you are no longer the patron, I am now the one with the money and the 'taste'-) if I do you this favour, you must understand that this canvas can be placed beside any similar 'natural' object, a flower, a shell, a leaf, in competition, not in imitiation. A shell, in its accidents, is the phenomenal expression of a design the meaning of which is not accessible to us but which is rigid, logical, co ordinated, formed according to a morphology that trascends our understanding of these terms. In the human scale, my painting must inevitably exhibit the same characteristics- under my own control and use of light, pigment, canvas, form, texture, colour, chroma, value, sense, line, impasto and chiarascuro. These..events are... organised to produce not merely a symbol, a decor, but a.. sort of legendary organism which is to be appreciated and can only be judged in terms of itself. That is all I can really say.

Flann O' Brien