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After achieving fame in the field of cinema, Dada must have thought that he should do something in the field of drama, that he could do someting outstanding in that field too. Realising that the technique of writing a play was different, that it is a literary form, he invited N.H.Apte. However, he did not approve of Apte's writing. The hero of the play, Sangeetrao, was Dada himself. The heroine was Madhuri. The others gang up against him and he becomes unpopular. They make it difficult for him to make a living. However, his fortune takes a turn for the better and then everyone makes up with him with folded hands. This was, in short, the plot of the Rangabhoomi play. The central idea of the play was good. Apte had written a good script, but Dada spoiled it, while doing the role of Sangeetrao, by straying off the subject, and by being repititive. He did not agree that much of the text was irrelevant. details in Prabhakar remembers

see Narayan Hari Apte

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