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Backdrops across painting and theatre

Jamsetji's notes.

Backdrops opened new worlds that could change rapidly within the space of a show. Huge paintings- 14 or 18 feet high and 26- 28 feet wide, could make any world come alive.

Image:Painted backdrop.jpg Image:Backdrop 3.jpgImage:Backdrop 4.jpg


A lonely street where lovers meet under a smouldering afternoon sun

Factories belch smoke the colour of a deep evening sky, the back of a train in the distance, leaving its own trail of smoke, an Parsee gentleman races on his humpbacked tricycle, the wheels have painted clocks on them. Time and speed are money his painted image seems to say.

Unknown to him, his daughter steals out- there she is behind a pillar, no, she is under the shade of the lone tree in the city, meeting her down-on-luck lover.

Image: Tram lines .JPG

The classical indian stage as space


painted backdrops, 19th and early 20th century theatre in India

Image:Bombay, 1880.jpg

from 1880 in BOOK 1- 1919

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